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If your website is not classed as mobile-friendly by Google you are being penalised in search engine rankings.

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Non mobile-friendly site to mobile-friendly site: £525

We guarantee:

  • 100% result in Google's independent 'user experience test' for updated website
  • Official 'Mobile-friendly' tag displayed next to site in mobile search results on Google
  • Ultra professional service and high quality work
  • All modern web standards adhered to
  • New website will display well on all devices including smartphones and tablets
  • New site ready within 2 weeks
  • Only pay when happy guarantee

Is your website mobile-friendly:

Before updating your site you need to know whether you need an update in the first place. You can test this for free quickly and easily using Google's own mobile friendly test. Just click on the button below and then paste in your website address. Google will tell you whether your site is mobile-friendly or not.

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Client feedback - December 2015

I had a decent website but for some reason was not showing up high in the search results. Andy at 'Rakia Web Design' did a comprehensive analysis of my website for free and one of the things he recommended was to make it look good on phones and tablets as well as on a desktop computer. With minimum fuss my website got converted so now it looks good even on my phone. He even made a few changes to improve the site as a whole too and gave me some really sound advice on SEO which just seemed to me to make good sense. I have continued to consult Andy on different things and have always found his advice to be sound and useful.

Deian Owen, Owner at HB Enoch & Owen Accountants

Client feedback - November 2015

We knew our website was probably a bit old fashioned and was in need of updating. Andy was known to us as a respected web designer living locally and we asked him to have a look at the site. Andy promised us a site that would rival any golf club website and he certainly delivered that. The difference between our old website and the new is so large that they can't even be compared. The new website is simply stunning. We have even received praise from Golf Development Wales, Golf Wales Magazine, from national companies that say we have the best golf club website they have seen. We are really pleased!

Robert Edwards, Manager at Glynhir Golf Club

Do I need 2 sites then? 1 for mobile and one for larger screens?

You have a couple of options here. Some firms do create a different site that can tell what size screen the website visitor is using and show the relevant version of their site. The drawbacks of this option are that you now have to maintain 2 versions of each page on your website (as if 1 wasn't enough!) and worry about optimizing 2 versions of each page so they rank well in the searh engines (SEO). On top of this you have to consider what happens when website visitors share any of your pages on one of the social channels like Facebook or Twitter. Imagine this scenario: a visitor to your website, using a traditional desktop computer, shares one of your pages on Facebook (Great!). The page they shared is from the desktop version of your site and is designed for larger screens. Some friends who see and click on the shared page on Facebook try viewing that same page from their smartphone but because it is designed for larger screens still get a bad experience because they can not read and navigate properly. The problem is that you have 2 versions of the same site and you can not reliably ensure that the right version is viewed by the right device.

The Responsive Website

A responsive website is a website that adjusts automatically according to the size of the screen it is being viewed from. It does not serve up a different page altogether but is just designed in such a way that all the elements on the page change and re-order themselves to make viewing and navigation easy and 'user friendly'. A responsive website is typically with a non-cluttered, clean, ordered and easy to navigate design.

We are specialists in clean and user friendly responsive design and in fact only build responsive websites. We ensure that every website visitor, regardless of whether they are visiting your site from a smartphone, a tablet, an i-pad, a laptop or a desktop can always interact easily with your website and your business online. We design and build responsive sites from scratch as well as converting existing traditional sites seamlessly into responsive websites. We guarantee a 100% mark on Google's independent 'User Experience Test' so you can be confident that you are making a good impression online.

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